Alvo Aabloo, PhD, specialist in polymer materials and robotics, professor in polymer materials technology at the Institute of Technology, Tartu University. His research areas include ion conducting polymers, electroactive polymers and their applications in robotics. Prof. Aabloo is currently member of COST network MOLSIMU (Molecular simulations) and ESF project STIPOMAT (Stimuli responsive materials).

Anu Reinart, PhD in environmental physics Tartu University (2000) . Specialist in remote sensing and aquatic optics, application of remote sensing methods for monitoring large lakes and coastal waters. Contributed to creation of Estonian Space Strategy documents. She is currently participating in Nordic Network for Aquatic Remote Sensing NordAquaRemS and in EC Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Advisory Council. Previous work experience include Tartu Observatory and  Estonian Marine, Estonia, Uppsala University as a EU Marie Curie Fellow and contracts with EC FP7, Swedish National Space Board and Estonian Science Foundation.

Mart Noorma, PhD, expert in optical radiometry and photometry, Research Fellow at the University of Tartu, Estonia. Dr. Noorma has worked for Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA), where he has participated in development of the national standards in radiometry and photometry for Finland and the USA.

Silver Lätt, MSc (environmental physics), expert in space project management. He has worked in European Space Agency/ESTEC (the Netherlands) in the frame of a traineeship. Silver is currently the Estonian Student Satellite programme manager and project coordinator for European Student Moon orbiter Estonian section. He has contributed to Estonian Space policy white and green papers. He likes to approach challenges with agile methods and with he¹s interest on remote sensing applications is fond on integrating different technologies to achieve the goals in the most efficient way.